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Egypt State of Rent 2017

As part of the BEO’s State of Housing 2017 series, this fact sheet presents a current overview of rent in Egypt

The Built Environment Budget 15/16 |Housing

*This section is part of BE Budget 2015/2016   Total Spending on Housing A total expenditure of EGP 23.3 Bn translates to a national per capita spending of 259 EGP per person (Table 17). Over half of that is spent […]

Statistics of Vacant units in Egypt

Table 1: Percentage of vacant units and estimated number of years to fill them This is a theoretical calculation used to show the potential uptake of existing units if they were to be lived in. Calculations are estimated as: Total […]

Tenure Security

An estimated 70% of Egyptian households live without secure tenure. The rural Delta governorate of Gharbia had the highest proportion at 93% without secure tenure. The Frontier governorate of South Sinai had the least, at 8% of households. An unspecified […]

Housing durability

Official statistics reveal that about 3.2% of households live in non-durable housing; condemned buildings in a pronounced state of disrepair or in so-called unsafe areas prone to rock-slides and flash floods. While a large portion of these buildings can be […]


About 7.7% of Egypt’s population live in extremely crowded conditions (one or two room dwellings). Most of this housing is permanent and may be: standalone shacks; porter or guard’s rooms; old emergency housing; large homes subdivided into rooms; basement rooms […]

Affordability of Buying & Renting

An estimated 54.3% of Egyptians are considered cost burdened. Median rents or house prices surpass what they can comfortably afford: 59.4% of households would have to pay more than 25% of their monthly income to rent the median priced home […]

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