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  • Published on 18 November 2016

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Total Spending on Electricity

About 90% of the electricity budget went to power stations and National networks (Table 16). Of the remainder, most (8.5% of the total) was spent on the construction or replacement of local networks in New Cities, while 2.1% of the total was spent on maintaining local networks in the Existing BE.

When translated to per capita spending, the gross total was 314 EGP per person. The highest per capita spending was in New Cities at 1248 EGP/ person, followed by National spending at 281 EGP per person, and then existing BE at a paltry 7 EGP per person.


Table 16: Total and per capita spending on regional and local electricity projects

Local Networks Regional Power Stations & Grid Total
Existing BE New Cities
Investments (‘000s EGP) 608,114 2,391,890 25,303,400 28,303,404
2.1% 8.5% 89.4% 100%
Per Capita (EGP/Pax) 7 1248 281 314



Sub-national Spending on Electricity

Matruh had the highest per capita spending by far at 1209 EGP per person, or roughly four times the national average of 314 EGP per person, though most of it for New Alamein (fig. 11). Spending in the Greater Cairo region ranged from a high of 80 EGP per person in Cairo, down to 12 EGP per person in Qalubia. In the Delta it ranged from a high of 27 EGP per person in Sharkia to a low of one EGP per person in Beheira. Upper Egypt fared a little better, with a high of 85 EGP per person in Aswan to a low of 12 EGP per person in Fayoum. There was no spending in the Red Sea.



Fig. 11: Local per capita spending on electricity networks



Electricity Spending; New Cities Versus Existing BE

Isolating sub-national spending between New Cities and existing BE greatly reduces the overall per capita spending for the latter. For example spending drops in Greater Cairo to a range of 4 to 3 EGP per person in Cairo, Giza and Qalubia, while in their New Cities it is 1309 to 466 EGP per person (fig. 12). It is the same in the Delta where spending drops to between 5 EGP per person and 1 EGP per person in existing BE, but is between 254 and 10 EGP per person in the Delta’s New Cities. In Upper Egypt spending in the existing BE drops to a high of 16 EGP per person in Aswan to a low of 5 EGP per person in Sohag. By comparison New City spending ranges from a high of 1159 EGP per person in Minya to 6 EGP per person in Fayoum.



Fig. 12:Per capita local spending on electricity


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