The Built Environment Observatory (BEO) is a web-based portal of open knowledge on Egypt’s built environment.

The BEO covers a range of urban issues with a focus on fair housing, spatial justice, and, access to basic infrastructure such as electricity and water.

We aim to support scholars, communities, civil society, development agencies and officials in their pursuit for the equitable development of the built environment, through the production of  knowledge in the form of:

  • Policy & Analysis pieces, that offer both long in-depth and brief to the point analyses of the impact of legislation, policy, and, public spending, followed by recommendations to improve on current practice
  • Fact Sheets as backgrounds on key issues, public projects and, policy, sometimes including primary data
  • Resources that support our work, such as opinion pieces published by BEO researchers elsewhere, or data tools like the BEDI and the BE Archive


  • Yahia Shawkat يحيى شوكت

    Yahia Shawkat

    is an urban researcher specialising in spatial justice and housing rights, and is co-founder of the research studio 10 Tooba

  • MennatuAllah Hendawy منةالله هنداوي
    Contributing Researcher

    MennatuAllah Hendawy

    Is an urban researcher and a PhD candidate at the Technical University in Berlin

  • Amira Khalil أميرة خليل
    Contributing Researcher

    Amira Khalil

    Specialises in State Budget equality and access to government information, and is currently pursuing an M.Sc in Statistical Science at Leiden University

  • Mohamed Gad محمد جاد
    Contributing Researcher

    Mohamed Gad

    is a journalist, specializing in economic reporting, and former head of research at the Egyptian Center for Economic & Social Rights

  • Salma Shukrallah سلمى شكرالله
    Contributing Researcher

    Salma Shukrallah

    Salma Shukrallah is a journalist based in Cairo. She obtained an MA in Anthropology from the American University in Cairo (AUC) in 2010

  • Omnia Khalil أمنية خليل
    Senior Researcher

    Omnia Khalil

    is a PhD student in cultural anthropology program in the Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY) and Teacher Assistant in Hunter College in New York City. She is an urban researcher and co-founder of 10 Tooba.

  • Ali Almoghazy
    Contributing Researcher

    Ali Almoghazy

    A master's student at the Technical University of Berlin Campus El Gouna, with a research interest on human geography and settlement.

  • Ahmed Zaazaa أحمد زعزع
    Senior Researcher

    Ahmed Zaazaa

    Is an architect, participatory planner and urban researcher, and co-founder of 10 Tooba

The BEO is a project by 10 Tooba | Applied Research on the Built Environment

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